Throwback Thursday: Ruffled Vintage Glam

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{Ruffled Vintage Glam in Black and Gold : ink pen, pencil and watercolour fashion illustration © Shell-Sherree}

I haven't yet scored Chanel at my local animal welfare thrift shops, but I have been lucky with a Max Mara shirt dress.  Much as I tried, I had to concede gingham is not really my best friend so I donated it back to make an animal-loving gingham-fancier's day.  But I scored a keeper in a black Lacroix knit with ribbon ties in strategic places so I can gift-wrap myself for our Hugh or his fun and fetching doppelgänger when he dances along with pet dogs in tow. 

On the heels of last week's vintage Dior, today's fashion illustration is very loosely inspired by vintage Chanel and Christy Turlington back in the 90s.  I took a lot of poetic licence with the top, as it just looked black, black and black to me.  I don't wear much black while the sun is up nowadays, but come nightfall, I'm still a helpless schmuck for its bewitching siren call.  Perhaps you'd like yours in deep purple, cafe au lait or charcoal-grey?  Pop behind the screen and when you're ready, we'll match our ruffles with gold-foiled truffles.  {The chocolate kind ~ not the pig-snuffled kind.}  And on that note ...

Happy Throwback Thursday to you !



  1. I like the palette you chose in this drawing. Subtle and warm. (Turlington was my favorite model back in the day)

    btw - go check out my blog. I've got a certain leggy supermodel making her debut

    1. Thanks, PA ~ Christy Turlington seems gentle to me ! I shall pop over momentarily ... :)

  2. I'm positive you are much too "Audrey" for gingham, Shell. Glad you went with your gut on that one. Whew. Your wonderful ruffled creation might, I fear, overpower miniature people like toi et moi. Not sure. Perhaps best to leave them to Christy and the other tall girls?

    1. Thanks, dear Alexa !! I adore Audrey so thank you for chuffing me immensely. :) Good point about the ruffles ~ I've put in an order for ultralight silk woven by transluscent silkworms so delicate they aren't visible to the human eye ~ that should help for those of us of the more vertically-petite persuasion, ma chère!


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