Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashionable Furry Friends Friday: The Gloves Are On

{Darling, We're Home: ink & watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree}

Have turquoise set of wheels, Scotty dog and mascot kitty, will travel.  The fur kids had to be separated a couple of times and if I heard "Are we there yet?" whined one more time... but it looks like all's well that ends well.

I overdid the waist nipping again, so one could be forgiven for thinking we should have packed a lot more sandwiches for the road trip.  {Either that or kitty ate more than her duly allotted share.  She's a growing girl ~ what can I say.}  But the bunch of flowers is a promising sign that we're about to be romanced with a simple but heartfelt home-cooked meal {two ways to a girl's heart within one sentence...}, so we can make up for lost time over the weekend and loosen that belt by the time Sunday rolls around.  I smell welcome home Gin and Tonics in the air.  And on that note...

Happy Fashionable Furry Friends Friday to you!

PS:  Inspiration for today's illustration is here ...  And when one Etsy store closes {mine!}, another one opens: regulars here well know and love Virginia Jones of Paris Through My Lens {source of much of my inspiration, with my eternal gratitude!}  To acquire gorgeous Paris photo prints for your home, please visit her new print store.  'Tis truly lovely.


  1. Oh my, I'm all about that outfit. Or all about that illo. And good luck to Virg -- I'm sure it'll be a smashing success.

  2. Lovely ileo and outfit (altho I'd certainly need to loosen the belt if I were to wear it...)
    The fur kids look quite content -- it must have been the sandwiches. :)

  3. So very glam! (I'm repeating myself. lol.) The family that color coordinates together, stays together.

  4. Thanks, hiker ~ and I'm sure you're right!

    Ms M ~ chicken. I figured that would keep all tummies happy.

    LOL, Cali! On both counts!

  5. Oh my. Turn the clock back to the late '40s, early '50s, switch out a cocker spaniel for the Scottie, and this could be my mother, teensy waist and all (now why didn't I get that gene? Like Kitty, much too fond of brie on a baguette.) But I do love a perky peplum, don't you?

  6. Wonderful! That outfit is simply stunning and the addition of the Scotty is a very sweet touch. Glad to see that Kitty doesn't seem jealous! Wait, is that Hugh holding the flower?

  7. Your gal looks sweeter. The one in the scares me.

  8. Boz and I would give it a go, but the way I've been eating lately I'm afraid we're already defeated. Still, it's inspirational, to say the least.

  9. Alexa ~ hmm, brie on a baguette sounds like a good trade to me. And I'm happy this reminds you of your mum!

    Thanks, Katie. And since you've raised the matter of 'Hugh', let's say, "Yes, by George, it is!" Hugh, that is. Not George.

    Phew, Margaret ~ that's a relief! This is a fright-free zone.

    Petrea ~ as long as the belt has notches {and I believe it does}, it's all good. The jacket is very forgiving.

  10. I love that particular style with the wasp waist. When I was in junior high, I was told my friend's mother was a model (during that era) and had an 18 inch west.

  11. And here I was, thinking you finished your sentence with an Irish accent, PA. ;)

  12. I can see why you were inspired by that elegant photo, although the model's expression is a tad scary, as Margaret pointed out. Yours is much lovelier. Plus, you've replaced the model in the car with our well-fed, happy kitty cat, which increases the fabulous quotient.

    Speaking of fabulous, Virginia's photos are exquisite. How can a francophile resist?! I can see why they too inspire you.

  13. Virginia has a gift, Susan. I'm very grateful to her for the constant source of inspiration!


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