Fairytale Friday: Dash It All for Romance

{London Kiss: ink & watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree}

As I write this post, it's Friday in Brisbane and Valentine's Day has passed with a whisper here, but is still present by a whisker there.  Possibly your 'there'.  {And possibly you're there.}  No matter what the day, I thought it was time for a fine romance here Chez Shell.  Life doesn't always mirror art, but one can dream.  From the vintage of the car, we're being transported back to London in the 1940s?  {What I'm lacking in history, I don't make up for in geography, so feel free to correct my vague hazarding of a guess.  And whatever you do, don't catch the number 9 and hope to end up in any of the advertised locations.}  Here's the inspiration for today's little fairytale flight of fancy.   And speaking of time travel, action, romantic leads and ye bonne olde England, I'm deeply immersed in Petrea Burchard's Camelot & Vine right now and loving it.  Don't be bashful, hop over and buy a copy.  Petrea's puppy dog Boz needs a pocket money raise.  {And a pocket, but that's another story...}  And on that note...

Happy Fairytale Friday to you!

PS: Last call for prints ~ end of this weekend, I'll be putting the store on vacation until ... let's just say, "Don't wait up."  Thank you ~ big hugs and thanks for all your support.  I'm looking forward to exploring other creative adventures around the corner... 


  1. All your paintings are wonderful dear! and here's the smile to light up your room :) :)

  2. Perfect illo for Valentine's Day, or the day after, Shell.
    Hope the number 9 (I will spare you the link to The Beatles Number 9!)really does go here, there and everywhere. L'amour, l'amour, toujours l'amour!

    (So close this time! Damn typo!!!)

  3. Sure is perfect for Valentine's, Shell. Love how you changed the logo on the bus from the squirrel to kitty. :)

    Happy Valentine's for yesterday. ♥ and hugs.

  4. Quel baiser, j'en veux un comme cela !
    Une belle interprétation d'ailleurs je préfère celle-ci, c'est jeune, c'est beau et on a envie de se bécoter forcément !
    J'adore ton petit dessin pour Dax, Harry et Rusty...
    Quand tu veux tu me peins Micio, Tadzio, Dandie et Lilou ! OK ?
    bisous Shelley

  5. So romantic. Sigh. Wouldn't go by the car to determine vintage, since that looks like a quintessential London cab. Her hemline says '40s, her hairdo not so much. Hey, let's just call it what it is: timeless!

  6. The illustration is stunning, Shell, so romantic. And thank you so much for the pug--er, plug! Camelot & Vine is doing well and will be out in paperback soon, for those who prefer it. I'm sorry there are no kitties, but a couple of animals have good roles (and no, they don't talk).

    Speaking of paper, thanks for the reminder about your Etsy shop. I got the last packet of folded cards.

  7. If I ever write, or upload, a book ShSh, I'll want you to do my book art! People will buy and/or pick up my book just for the art.

  8. Hi, Nina ~ and thank you! That's a beautiful, dazzling smile. Much appreciated!

    Thanks, Ann ~ happy weekend to you.

    LOL, Cali! Great linkage. I haven't listened to that for ages. Too long! Thank you.

    Ah, I was wondering who would spot it first, Favourite Vintage Finds. It was a perfect gratuitous kitty mascot opportunity. ;) Hugs to you and you-know-who.

    Merci, Danielle! Je suis contente que tu l'aime tellement. Et oui, un petite illustration de tes petits minous me fera plaiser de le faire. Bon weekend, ma chère!

    I'll see your sigh and raise you a skipped heartbeat. ;) Timeless ~ I like that, Alexa.

    Thanks, dear Petrea. And I don't pug lightly. It's absolutely my pleasure. And I'll be lining up {virtually!} for a paperback {with autograph, please} as soon as they are released.

    Aww, Cafe! You bark the nicest things. Thanks, puppy dog.

  9. So romantic. I love Petrea's book too!

  10. Thanks, Margaret!

    My friends, if you haven't seen the cover of the Hollywood Reporter for 2/22/13, I suggest you hightail it to your nearest news stand. Our mascot graces the cover like very few have done before him.

  11. Margaret ~ between you and Petrea, well, there must be an excellent writing molecule in the water over your way.

    And bless you, Petrea! I needed that dose of Hugh this morning. ;)

  12. Such a lovely romance....
    And I see feline powers at work on the Love Bus #9.

  13. A little dose of Hugh in the morning. Oh, don't get me started.

  14. Ms M ~ feline powers never go astray. :)

    I included smelling salts when I emailed the link to my mum and sister, Petrea.

  15. Such a romantic picture! Oh to be kissed like that!
    My beautiful illio arrived and is hanging in pride of place above my computer - I absolutely love it :)

  16. My wonderful illo of "le chat noir" is hanging in our bedroom. Macie is impressed. We love it! :-)

  17. Debs ~ I have to confess, my temperature rose a tad while illustrating this one. ;) And thank you ~ I'm very chuffed indeed to know there's a Shell Sherree hanging in your line of sight.

    Ms M ~ aah, that does my heart good. Thank you!

  18. Ravishingly romantic! I'll keep an eye out for the Love Bus next time I'm in London. Speaking of travel to England, I can't wait to read Camelot & Vine once it's in print. And thank you Petrea for the link to our Hugh. Dashing!

  19. Maybe the Love Bus will be keeping an eye out for you too, Katie. ;)

  20. Thanks, Katie. I'm talking to CreateSpace one more time today and hoping to get it right!

  21. What a lovely illo. My friend Des calls this woman's pose "the kicky leg."

  22. For the record, I"ve met and J'ADORE BOZ!!!

  23. Boz thanks you, V!

    Shell, maybe I should send you a picture of Boz in a romantic pose--that is, if you'd like to include him in a kitty romance. He's extremely interested in cats but, like a pre-teen boy with his first girl, he's not sure what to do about it.

    I think he would like Paris, perhaps not Venice. He's a tad afraid of water.

    I'm only kidding, of course. If you start taking requests you're doomed.

  24. Petrea ~ better to keep us waiting a little longer and have the print edition as close to your dreams as you can. As for Boz, I'd love to see his romantic pose. {Just for curiosity's sake, you know... ;) }

    The Kicky Leg. I knew it had to have a name, hiker. I like it.

    Dear V, I envy you. I really do.

  25. The love bus has a kitty. You knew I would catch that didn't you?

  26. Hey, TheChieftess ~ great to see you again! And I'm glad you had fun.

    PA, you have 'the kitty connection'. Your find did not surprise me for a moment. ;)

  27. Ooh la la. Romantic and sexy! London Kiss has such a nice ring to it. What will you do with these fabulous illos now that the shop has closed?! (You don't need to answer that.)

    Has Camelot & Vine sparked this romantic flourish? I can't wait to dive into it.

  28. Good question, Susan. I'll let you know when I figure out the answer. :) As for the romance, truthfully Valentine's Day sparked it, but Camelot & Vine coincided very nicely! I'm loving it and I'm positive you will, too. Hugs to you and the fur kids.

  29. Your discussion, Susan and Shell, made me Google Camelot & Vine to see if the right links come up, which they do, thank goodness.

    Susan, I would call the story romantic, but it's not a romance. Would you say that's right, Shell?

  30. That is indeed how I'd describe it, Petrea. I'm approaching quite a critical moment in the story, I feel ... it would sound to you like it's taking me a long time to read Camelot & Vine but this is fast for me, given how little reading I've been doing! Goes to show how much I'm enjoying it.


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