Fashionable Friday: Façades & Flowers

pigment ink & watercolour illustration, 10.25" x 7.5" [26 x 19cm]

I was momentarily tempted to call this a Francophile Friday post and attempt to pull the wool over your eyes, with the help of a black and white striped awning and some attractive potted shrubs. Malheureusement, the wording on the glass is a giveaway.  {And I can't fib to save myself.}

Not to worry ~ I'm very glad the Rose St Trading Co calls Australia 'home', and I was thoroughly chuffed to illustrate the façade for its new website.  The site designer, Danni O'Neil, has done really lovely work on the layout and visuals.   And I love the way she has used elements of the illustration throughout the site, too.  Given the shop is a homewares/interiors/fashion space, we shall co-ordinate ourselves accordingly before settling in for the weekend.  I wonder if they sell beds.  And on that note... actually, wait ~ there's more.

Nôte Couture, oh-beautiful-online-purveyor of personalised stationery, has added another of my designs to its range.  Long-time followers might vaguely remember this flowery illustration.  Julie at Nôte Couture is a treat.  She takes cat-pampering to a whole new level {something many of us can relate to!}, and it's always a joy to work with her.  You can read more about it over on this lovely post.   And on that note ~ yes, this time, really...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!

Rose St Trading Co
16-17 & 19 Beatty Avenue
Armadale Victoria 3143
Ph: +61 3 9822 9444


  1. You've created a beautiful front for the Rose St. Trading Company, Shell. It's the sort of website I click on and am immediately determined to spend All My Money Right Now.

  2. Their merchandise and your illustrations are simpatico. I went all through the site. Good job. I like the awning showing up on the differing pages. Congratulations on the gig.

    are those Foxgloves or Delphiniums?

  3. Ditto the above commenter's.
    Still, I favor Francophile Fryday,

  4. You throw the best parties. Who wouldn't click and click again on such a charming illo? And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a glass of something fizzy and there's a store-front sofa with my name on it.

  5. Ooh, congratulations Shell on both counts; gorgeous illustrations darling girl. xx

  6. The Rose St. Trading Co. looks like a delightful place to meet and shop. And your illos are marvelous! Let's pour a little bubbly and celebrate!

  7. How beautiful!
    I love the way your awning works through out.
    It makes you want to shop...

  8. How smart of Rose St Trading Co to tap into your lovely talent, mon amie. I love the crisp look of the chic awning and would love to have a little retail therapy here.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear Shell.


  9. Their website is so user-friendly, but of course I wouldn't know that if I hadn't been drawn in by your wonderfully inviting illo. Congrats to you—and them! As for the coordinated outfit, it should be worn by someone without such bony shoulders (but I'll be happy to take it over—'bony' is not one of my figure flaws!).

  10. Thanks, dear Mise ~ I'm guessing your response is the one they hope to elicit.

    Pasadena Adjacent ~ yes, Danni did a great job with transposing the awning throughout. And the flowers are delphiniums, but you had me looking up foxgloves to be sure. ;)

    Cafe ~ I can count on you to be consistent. And thank you for popping in on a non-Francophile Friday ~ I'll reward you with a treat next week.

    The window will look even better with you sitting there, hiker.

    Thank you, dear MmeBenaut! Lovely to see you, as always.

    Ms M ~ I think you should join hiker in the window...

    Jennifer ~ if only you and Mise lived in the same country, you could combine postage...

    Thanks, Genie ~ bon weekend to you, ma chère.

    Alexa ~ 'drawn in' ... hee! And the dress would look lovely on you. Off the shoulder is a beautiful style ~ revealing, yet modestly so.

  11. Thanks for sharing this exciting news with us! They have some pretty cool stuff. Love the picnic basket.

  12. That's a great website. The designer was wise to recruit you, Shell. I too love how your drawing was interspersed throughout the site. But where is kitty? She must be curled up on a couch in the back.

    And I love the delphiniums and I'm glad I now know what they are!

  13. Congratulations, Shell! This is good news for a Shellday.

  14. Cali ~ they have some lovely things, including Paris matches!

    Susan ~ indeed, kitty is curled up in a snug spot out of sight. It was hard to resist having her relaxing on the chair in the window.

    Thanks, Petrea! I like having nice announcements to make on Shellday.

  15. Hey Shell
    Thanks for visiting. I always return to blogs that respond to my comments - so I've been back here (I tend to ask questions). Anyhow, feel free to return to Pasadena Adjacent where one can always depend on "Our Editor Responds:" to respond

  16. Oooh such fun to see your façade gracing the Rose St. Trading website! Great work. Plus it looks like a wonderful store full of amazing goodies. Love your notecards too. It's definitely worth missing Francophile Friday to see some of your other delightful work.

  17. Big congrats x 2 dear Shell!:) Marvellous job for the shop! I do remember your lovely delphiniums illo too! xo

  18. Thanks, PA ~ I know people are busy and don't often get a chance to pop back, so I try to answer when visiting them, just in case!

    Katie ~ it's right up my alley - not literally, unfortunately ~ or possibly just as well, otherwise I'd be procuring way too many of their very fine things!

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds ~ I hope you and you-know-who are staying snug!


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