Factual Friday: Eagle St Pier, Brisbane

ink & watercolour illustration by Shell Sherree

As we dust off our Zen caps for a weekend forecast of heavy rain and put our best philosophical foot forward {carefully avoiding the puddles and putting remorseful gold coins in the Greenhouse Gas Jar while tumbling the towels dry}, let's stroll past the Eagle St Pier in Brisbane's inner city and watch the raindrops falling on the river it embraces.   You can see this illustration from my archives was drawn at Christmas, and the vintage of the sporty yellow car on the left might help motoring enthusiasts to determine which decade.  The Eagle St Pier is a wonderful dining destination and host of Brisbane's long-running Riverside at the Pier Sunday markets.  While on their site, I found this clip promoting the River City.  Warning: could cause a dizzy desire to board a plane and visit me.  And on that note...

Happy Factual Friday to you!


  1. Lovely place! Have a delightful end of the week, Kellie xx

  2. Looks like a great place to visit (the pics of the food -- mmmm!) The "angel in orange" looks fabulous dancing on the wing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I'm coming a little moment with you my dear Shelley to see your beautiful acqua paintings. It's always so lovely !
    I hope you're well and I say you at soon

  4. Isn't it still summer? Do you get a lot of rain in the summer?

  5. I just sat and stared at that for a while and it made me smile. It certainly brought sunshine to my day. Thanks so much, Shell. Hope your weekend is just as lovely.

  6. Thanks, Kellie ~ you, too!

    Ms M ~ I'd happily dine anywhere there. Food and river views ~ can't go past it.

    Boujour, Danielle ~ merci. C'est toujours mon plaisir... I hope you and the kitties are well. Bisous.

    Margaret ~ it is still summer. Yes, we do. Unless we're having a drought. Feast or famine, it seems.

    I'm glad to bring you some sunshine, Pop Culture Nerd, even if it has been eluding us here. Happy weekend to you.

  7. It isn't only the video that makes me want to hop on a plane (only not on a wing and a prayer) to visit you. Your illos are inducement enough. That and your sparkling personality!

  8. I also love it when you show us your views of beautiful Brisbane. (And nice video.) Anyway, I've had a dizzy desire to hop on a plane and come visit you for ages! Unlike from cali, that's exactly how I'd like to arrive. :~}

  9. Shell, your hometown is fabulous! And I love your colorful illo. If I didn't have four furry mouths to feed, I'd be on the next plane, wing or otherwise.

  10. All I need to make me want to visit you is your drawings, Shell.

  11. Thanks, Cali! I think the angel on the wing is wearing magnetised Louboutins. ;) And hee, I love your wing and a prayer reference.

    Alexa ~ and I'm imagining you taking photos while you're in flight. {The safety harness is made from transparent titanium-strength silk by a special breed of industrial silk worms.}

    Susan ~ if only you could bring them with you...

    Petrea ~ bless you.

  12. Yay for another great Brisbane illustration! Yep, your drawings alone also make me want to visit, but I very much enjoyed the video and Brisbane is definitely on my Places To Visit list.


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