Friday, November 25, 2011

Francophile Friday: Américain in Paris

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS 
As night draws its cloak over the warm and fuzzy glow of gratitude and Thanksgiving for our American blogpals, this scene seemed a nice way to tuck the day into bed.  {And a thousand thanks to dear Virginia of Paris Through My Lens for her inspiration ~ merci, ma chère!} Our little kitty looks grateful for her fine view of proceedings at Mondrian in Paris. {And she's grateful for the beautiful souls who adopt rescue animals ~ needed now as much as ever.  Please read some of their touching stories gathered at Altadena Patch by our friend Altadena Hiker.}

Apparently bar américain indicates that cocktails can be procured within.  I'm willing if you are.  I've taken the liberty of sourcing appropriate garments for us to wear.  The one-shouldered look is so very 'in' this season.  But nothing beats a full skirt as a crafty means of gaining more precious real estate if the bar is crowded.  Pop into the fitting room and join us when you're ready.  I hear Hugh could be recovering here from his latest iced-tea commercial.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. ...why didn't I ever think of wearing fuller skirts for more 'room at the bar'??? genius idea! happy friday ;-)

  2. Oh Sweet Shell, you've done it again and Meeps and I love it to pieces. She is convinced that every kitten you draw is HER and I won't tell her any different if you won't. Now I'm off to slip into my Paris duds for our rendezvous at Mondrian!

  3. Just last night I saw a gorgeous, one-shouldered dress in a Pasadena window display. I'm so grateful I now have a reason to get it. A thousand thanks to you, Shell, for spreading your good cheer. I love the illo as well as V's original. See you at the Mondrian!

  4. I'm just adjusting my underskirts here for added floorspace, and will always be willing to bare a shoulder for a glass of something containing campari in your company, dear Shell.

  5. What about an Austrilican in Paris??
    We have a Mondrian here in SoCal. And, btw, it's still the 25th here in the USA!

  6. After I do some "wardrobe adjustments" I'll join you in the bar. (And I'll slip upstairs at some point to check out the view from Kitty's perch)

  7. Oh dear how will I ever chose which gorgeous dress to wear to our cocktail party at bar américain? You've provided us a lovely location to get together and obviously Kitty agrees. I do hope we find Hugh here so we can pamper him after all those unfortunate slaps he got in the ad.

  8. An iced tea poultice for his sore cheek perhaps?
    I would need a corset to fit into any of those gorgeous dresses, but I'll make the effort for you dear Shell :)
    Bottoms up.

  9. At least we will be able to recognize each other in our vintage finery! (The secret password is Hugh.)

  10. Shell, if this blogging break continues you'll fill a gallery!

    Thank you for the appropriate garments. I'm so excited to wear mine I think I'll wear it in my dreams!

  11. dkshopgirl ~ enjoy reclaiming that space!

    V ~ I'm so glad you and Meepsie love it. And as she can't travel there with you for real, it's my pleasure to help her to wander around in here...

    It sounds like that dress was made for you, Susan...

    Mise ~ I knew I could count on you to maximise the advantage. Thank you.

    Cafe ~ time travel really does exist!

    Ms M ~ in accordance with safety protocol, I recommend checking out the view during the first cocktail rather than the last...

    Katie and Debs ~ you are hereby, forthwith and verily in charge of the ice-pack committee.

    Hooray for secret passwords ~ a stroke of genius, cali!

    Petrea ~ in that case, please allow me to include a feather boa for Boz... a black one, of course, to enhance his rugged good looks.

  12. Whenever I saw a post from you, I'd say out loud, "It's Shell SHEREEEEE!" And Phoebe would jump up and down, and join me at the computer, even though she was quite near-sighted.

  13. Lovely antidote to all the turkey (fresh and leftover—hey, our particular bird weighed 16 pounds!), that all of us yanks have been consuming. I'll just sit on the terrasse and enjoy a kir—hope you and puss (and our poor, beleaguered Hugh) will join me, ma chère!

  14. hiker ~ I'm touched and very honoured to know dear Phoebe had look-sees here with you.

    Alexa ~ a kir royale with you sounds just the ticket. I'm there!

  15. Shell, sorry I'm late in welcoming you back to the blogging world. Looks like the break was good to you and now we get to benefit, too!

    I'm so glad one-shouldered gowns are in because only my left shoulder is safe for public viewing. And the full skirt will help greatly in my sneaking dinner rolls and silverware out of bar américain. Thanks!

  16. Thanks, dear Pop Culture Nerd! I wasn't going to raise the subject of your naked man tattoo, but ...

  17. Love it Shell... I would be happy to pop in there for an apero... xv

  18. Let's hear it for American cocktails. The next round is on me.

  19. Goodness Shell - your latest post seems to have disappeared!
    Thanks for putting me on ice pack duty - Hugh was most grateful ;)

  20. Thanks, dear Vicki... I can imagine you sitting under one of those umbrellas.

    Margaret ~ oh, thank you, you're too kind! But since you insist...

    Debs ~ oopsie, I'm sorry about that! It disappeared intentionally ~ I'd scheduled it incorrectly, but you'll get to see it soon! I'm glad you and Hugh are enjoying your ice pack duty...

  21. Un apero pour moi, svp! With my fine new attire you have arranged and with kitty in tow, I am ready... Delightful as always, mon amie!


  22. Genie ~ I like to make it as easy as possible. Please, step inside...

  23. I'm so happy to see Ella in Paris...but she is Australian cat ?
    Soon you're going to see marvellous venetian cats !!!
    love from Micio, Tadzio, Dandie, Autumn-Lilou and me

  24. VenetiaMicio ~ oui, elle est australienne, mais je pense qu'elle se déplace quand je dors. And your kitty cat family is growing! I'd love to meet them. Bisous, Danielle, Micio, Tadzio, Dandie, Autumn-Lilou ...


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