Francophile Friday: Amour at Bois Violette

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

Every day is a beautiful day for flowers.  Giving, receiving, plucking, inhaling, or being smitten from afar.  I wonder who will need smelling salts first after passing out from the heady sights and scents at Bois Violette in Paris.  The inspiration for today's illustration comes thanks to this gorgeous scene by Genie at Paris and Beyond {merci, chère Genie ~ you are most kind!} Coincidentally, our little pampered pooch from last Friday was officially named Violette by Cali, one of our regulars here, so I took it as a sign for today's subject matter.  It seems we can find Amour to go with our flowers while we're there.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday Fleurish to you!

PS: Thank you, sweet Danielle of drifty and romantic VenetiaMicio for passing on the Kreativ Blogger award.  Your blog is poetic and I am honoured to receive this award from you.


  1. Who wouldn't want to lèche that vitrine? ;-)

    It is Violette and not Violet? Funny how a few extra, er, letters can change the, uh, sex.

    wv: funki!

  2. Where am I? What year is this? How long was I unconscious from the sensory overload of this illo?

    This is one of my favorites ever, Shell. You know I have a soft spot for flowers. Whenever I see them, I---*THUNK.*

    [This is an auto message from PCN's computer. She is passed out at this time. Please send smelling salts.]

  3. Thanks for the beautiful flowers! Love those parisian flowershops, they make it hard to resist!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Especially in spring, flowers just seem so right.
    This is a beautiful piece!

  5. Simply lovely! I can almost smell the fragrance.
    (I can also imagine Kitty prowling through the leaves; she's peeking out at us, pleased that she's hidden herself so well. :))

  6. Cali ~ I named one of my beautiful girl cats after a male musician. Violette is fine with me. ;)

    Pop Culture Nerd ~ I've sent the smelling salts via Smell-e-Mail. If you're reading this, I'll know they safely arrived.

    AnnaLivia ~ they'd be endlessly tempting.

    Thanks, Indie.Tea ~ it's late autumn here, so these help me remember spring really is only a few months around the corner.

    Ms M ~ well spied!

  7. That's me, Ms. M. I'm prowling underneath the pots, taking in the floral aromas. Must be careful or I'll pass out alongside PCN.

  8. Glad you're back from the space-time continuum!!
    Especially with a great, inspiring view of that delicious shop.
    As Cali said, vive le lèche-vitrine!!

  9. Petrea ~ your Smell-e-Mail smelling salts are at the ready in my Drafts just in case...

    Marylène ~ yes, we Blogger travellers have returned from the black hole. :) I'm happy you like the view here.

  10. I'm wishing that flower shop was a tad closer to my place ... ho hum... lovely piece :-)

  11. I think the itty-bitty kitty must be named Fleur. After drinking in this gorgeous illo, I must take myself off to the botanic garden for a "heady scents" fix!

  12. One of your very prettiest and most charming paintings, Shell; I have stared at it until I felt quite restored.

  13. This beautiful burst of colorful flowers has lightened my mood considerably (it's another gray day here in Northern California). Such amazing details; I particularly love the reflection of the Parisian windows across the street from this shop. Amazing! Thank you (and Genie) for a delightful start to the weekend.

  14. Someone asked me the other day what #FF meant. I said Food Fryday. Now, it can also mean Francophile Friday as far as I'm concerned.

  15. I'm with Katie, and quite smitten by the reflection.

  16. dkshopgirl ~ then I'd have to hire a light aircraft and visit you. ;)

    Alexa ~ Fleur, she is. Enjoy imbibing in the botanic garden...

    Thank you, dear Mise. I'm glad to provide you with restoration.

    Katie ~ I love those moments of quiet reflection. Here's hoping for some blue sky your way.

    Cafe ~ Food Fryday is also noteworthy. And much catchier than Food Steamday.

    Hiker ~ that's a relief. If you were extremely smitten, I'd run out of smelling salts.

  17. I love these little parisian shops and mostly the flowers. This one with violet (it's my flower) and Amor. Beautiful !

  18. These are lovely! Have a gorgeous week ahead, Kellie xx

  19. Ack! I am finally seeing this amazing interpretation of my photo and it is divine! How ever did you manage to get the reflection too! You are so talented and I love seeing this illo avec un petit chat, bien sûr!

    Love this, my sweet friend, and I am partial to flowers and violet!


  20. Mmmm... Your beautiful illo is so evocative of spring, I can practically smell the flowers through my computer screen. Spring! It's just around the corner, dear Shell.

  21. Danielle ~ les violettes sont plein de fantaisie ~ they are such sweet & whimsical little flowers! I'm glad you love this. Bisous...

    Thanks, Kellie ~ and likewise to you!

    Genie ~ merci mille fois ~ you're such a sweetie to allow me this gorgeous inspiration of yours. I'm happy you love the little kitty inclusion, too!

    Susan ~ though we're having a magical autumn so far, spring is always welcome.

  22. So glad to have found your blog.
    I find it really interesting,
    and you are so talented.

    I'm your newest follower ♥

  23. I came right here from Genie's blog - how you managed this lovely painting is beyond me... really... reflections???? And the kitty! Wonderful....

  24. Well violettes are my absolute favorite in any form. This is a delightful illo of Genie's lovely photograph!
    Très belle!

  25. Hi, Ann ~ welcome! I'm happy to hear that. Thank you for dropping in and saying Hello.

    Hi, Kelley ~ lovely to meet you, thanks to dear Genie. I'm glad you like it.

    Thanks, V ~ if there was a perfume inspired by this, it could very well smell like your fave...

  26. Violette is a perfect name.
    And this is a perfect painting.

  27. And you are perfectly lovely, Debs. :) Thank you...

  28. Breathtaking illo Shell! Oh that reflection...Wow!

  29. Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds! Have a beautiful evening...


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