Francophile Friday: Vintage Paris

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 3.5 x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm ]
One of the many unfortunate side-effects of our January floods is the impact on the supply of vintage treasures at my local thrift shops.  This is in no small part due to several of them going underwater, including my favourite, the RSPCA Thrift Shop at Sherwood{No, they do not sell men in tights.  The Sherwood Forest store might.} I'm fond of fossicking around in there, so I'm champing at the bit for their re-opening.  As excellent as they are, however, I've yet to happen upon any vintage items like the ones illustrated poking out from under a pile of $2 stonewash jeans.  One suspects one is a tad more likely to see them languishing around with a mild air of ennui and a waft of cigar smoke in the Place des Pyramides in Paris.  Merci to dear Eric of Paris Daily Photo for the inspiration.    They actually look like fine getaway vehicles.  Meep, meep.  Ladies, gentlemen ~ start your engines.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

PS:  I'm offering Original Meep Miniatures at a special rate to my dear blog readers for the next couple of weeks {while stocks last}:  $39AUD for a pair {unframed}, plus $3 standard postage worldwide.   There's no simple way to handle it in my Etsy store, so please just pop me an email at shellsherree[!at] if interested and we'll arrange delivery details and secure credit card payment.  My Etsy store doesn't show all Meeps available, so if your fave isn't there, please ask in case I still have it.


  1. That's a great price for your lovely meeps. And the getaway vehicles are super; they would surely offer a guaranteed escape from mundanity and taxes and the laundry basket.

  2. That is a great deal. You know how much I love the full-sized one I bought. Actually, there's another one of full size (many, really) I'd like to buy. Let me shake the piggy bank and get back to you.

    Happy Friday, Shell.

  3. Wow, a meep that goes beep! (Wait, maybe French cars don't actually beep.) Delightful drawing and a super deal on your meeps. I'm sure I can come up with a few I'd like to add to my growing Shell collection!

  4. Lovely old cars wonderfully illustrated Shell! They certainly do look like fine getaway cars. And there's nothing like a good fossick in op shops. I hope your fave re-opens soon.

    Happy weekend! xo

  5. As you may know, I don't drive. But, oh, if I did . . .
    You've captured Eric's vintage vehicles and made them even more charming—comme toujours, ma chere! And I know exactly which meeply minis I crave—hope they're available!

  6. Getaway cars are exactly what I need on this Friday!
    I will definitely have to look through the Meeps!

    Happy Friday to you, too...

  7. Mise ~ I'll bet you have an attractive laundry basket.

    Thanks, Hiker ~ it always tickles me, knowing when an original has gone to its rightful home.

    Katie ~ or maybe they go Peep Peep. :)

    So do I, Favourite Vintage Finds. Happy fossicking!

    Alexa ~ I can't help thinking you and chauffeur-driven are made for each other. ;)

    Ms M ~ the engine's nicely warmed and ready to go...

  8. I'd been thinking how I'd like to get a meep or two to hang on the walls of my new home (not there yet, but almost). And what a wonderful deal. Merci, Shell. I'll fossick around to find the perfect match.

  9. My Meeps goes "Meowwww"! That reminds me dear Shsh, that I think I still owe you. Feel free to add interest. It's int the mail!

  10. Oh my! what elegant get-away cars! I'll take the pastel green but could your please put a little air in the front tyres ~ I have need of a smooth comfortable get-away. xx

  11. Oh these are definitely "get away" cars as in let's get away and go somewhere fun! As usual your illo and your words delight my eyes and ears, dear Shell.


  12. I spy a Cityrama office in the background. Wish we'd been driven to Mont St-Michel in one of these!

  13. Susan ~ ooh, how many sleeps? How exciting for you, Tommy and the kitties!!

    Virginia ~ sweet Meeps! As for the other, my memory is vague. :)

    Dianne ~ tyres are pumped, oil has been checked and the seats have been polished...

    Thanks, Genie ~ on y va! Beep beep! Meep meep! Peep peep!

    Cali ~ I wish you had, too. Much more your style!

  14. Fossicking! Look what I got today, a new word! Nothing beats a new word.


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