Francophile Friday: Paris Room With a Vue

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] Paris Prints Here

A certain someone is flying to Paris today.  Well, today her time, which is tomorrow my time and possibly yesterday by the time you're reading this ~ wherever you are.  Fortunately, she is not the type to confuse easily.  She knows exactly when she needs to board her winged chariot and I'm rather certain she will arrive at the airport early and with barely contained pastry Stohrer urges.  Today's illustration is inspired by a photo from one of her previous visits.  I'm not sure if she'll be gazing out on the same view during this coming vacation, but I felt it was a nice way for us to wave her Bon Voyage and wish her the happiest of times, with only the merest hint of envy in our wavering voices.  Meanwhile, we can enjoy pressing our nose up to the glass here and imagining the delights in store for her.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Oh, I want a big print of that plasted on my window so I can pretend I'm there! Gorgeous view.

    Happy weekend everyone, and especially to that lucky Paris-bound traveler!

  2. Ohhhh, I thought you were talking about yourself in the third person. Well, soon, I'm sure.

    But PCN is right -- we should all have a window like that.

  3. Simply lovely view! Let's order out for some croissants, macarons, and other goodies :) Maybe the little woof in the last post would agree to deliver them (for a big treat, of course)

  4. What a view! I hope Katie sees this before she heads off for another wonderful adventure. How kind of you to take us along with her, Shell. Hope she doesn't mind!

  5. Oh Shell you really do know how to send a girl off on vacation in style! This is a simply stunning drawing. And yes I'll see this on Sunday as it's the view from the apartment of my cousin and her husband. FYI, as soon as get back I'll be putting in an order for a set of greeting cards with this design to give to my cousin for Christmas -- she'll flip! FYI one of my goals on this trip is to try 10 different kinds of pastries (I might even cheat on Stohrer) and I won't be sharing a crumb (well, unless there's a really cute puppy to share with). Thanks again for the bon voyage and I'll be in touch at the end of September!

  6. LOL Katie. Only 10 pastries?
    Shell, you've outdone yourself sweetheart. Truly lovely.

  7. J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle illustration d'une fenêtre avec vue sur une rue parisienne.
    C'est tout à fait cela, je ne sais pas où se trouve l'appartement mais j'avais une vue pareille lorsque j'étais à Paris.
    J'aime beaucoup votre univers et je continue à regarder, même si je ne vous écris pas à chaque fois.
    Vous êtes située à gauche sur mon blog et j'aperçois les nouveautés régulièrement.
    Vous êtes juste en dessous de *Scalae le blog de ma fille qui est dans l'univers de l'enfance.
    A bientôt

  8. Have a good time, Katie! And Shell, the merest hint of envy? Speak for yourself! Buckets of envy. Some of us here are in floods of tears, indeed stamping our foot inconsolably.

  9. PCN ~ imagine waking up to that view in the mornings. Happy weekend to you, too!

    Hiker ~ never fear, when the certain someone is me, there will be no doubt whatsoever.

    Ms M ~ I love your home delivery idea. Snuggles would be only too happy to oblige. He has a nose for pending treats and cuddles.

    Cali ~ hee hee! It's the least I can do ~ better than trying to squoosh us in her carry-on.

    You're most welcome, dear Katie!! I'm so glad you'll be enjoying this view again for real in just a couple of sleeps. {The cards sound like a beautiful surprise for your cousin!} Best of success with your valiant pastry goals, and have a gorgeous time. Looking forward to catching up when you return.

    Thanks, MmeB! I think Katie slipped a caveat into the fine print: 10 different kinds of pastries. ;)

    VenetiaMicio ~ merci beaucoup, encore! Vous êtes très gentille.

    Mise ~ oh, I'm so sorry ~ I can hear you wailing from here. I'm monogramming some cotton hankies to help dry those tears.

  10. I'm totally green with envy (especially since I was supposed to be there this month too). She HAS promised to have a macaron for me (and for you too, Shell)—at least vicarious calories are the least fattening kind! LOVE this illo, Shell, and I definitely join you in wishing Katie a very bon voyage—and a happy birthday too, while she's there.

  11. Wow, how exciting is that? & what a lovely send off Shell, you are so sweet! Have fun Katie!
    So nice to be here & catch up on all the pretty illustrations since I was last here.
    & thank you for your recent comment regarding Priscilla too,
    : )
    I am very happy to report she is home safe and sound.
    Have a great weekend Miss Shell Sherree

  12. Shell, this is a beautiful view and how lucky for Katie to be headed that direction. Your watercolor is wonderful with great detail and I even spied le petit chat on the ledge across the street. meep

    Katie, eat pastries for all of us!!

  13. Thanks, Alexa! I'm SO sorry you're not going to be there at the same time. In lieu of that, it's nice to have such a generous macaron-surrogate. Would pistache be the right shade of green?

    Oh, Lily, that's wonderful news ~ I'm so happy for you!! Please give Priscilla a huge kiss and hugs from me. Happy weekend!

    Genie ~ I think that kitty is counting on her nine lives up there, but she looks sure-footed. :)

  14. That's one lucky 'certain someone' :)
    I have an odd question for you: have you ever done a piece including Mariage Freres....they have to be my favorite French tea source.

  15. Indie.Tea ~ that's not an odd question at all. The short answer is, "Not yet..." but my tea leaves just told me that those circumstances could change in my not-too-distant future. :)

  16. Bon voyage mon chére Katie!!! i can hardly wait to see your delightful photos. And go ahead and cheat on Stroher. They can take it.

    And SS,
    Another delightful illo. I think I feel the urge to shop! :)

  17. You kindly leaves me a message on my blog and I now discover your lovely drawings... I am leaving now in Marseille but lives in Paris before for 10 years, so your work make me remember Paris...

  18. Nice view !! Great piece !
    I hope Katie has such a nice view from her cousin's apartement. And too bad Alexa couldn't make it; I would nave been so glad to see them both together !
    Still I'll try to help Katie in her "hunt" for pastries....

  19. Thanks, dear Virginia! And I'm all for Katie flirting with the other pâtisseries.

    Bonjour, Scalaë ~ merci! Thank you for saying hello. I'm happy to bring back Paris memories for you.

    Marylène ~ it would have been lovely, wouldn't it. Next time, perhaps. Happy hunting. ;)

  20. Bonjour Madamoiselle...

    Been awhile not seeing you around & I was a bit lazy in bloggings nowadays after coming back from my summer break.

    Hope U had a great w/end celebrating Father's Day.


  21. Katie's in Paris, having a wonderful time eating pastries and seeing the sights. I would like to have a Francophile Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. for a month, too.

    WV: hinkoo
    Hinkoo very much for the illo, Shell.

  22. Hi, Chie ~ so lovely to see you again!

    Petrea ~ oh, I like that! You're welcome.

  23. My voice might have more than a hint of envy.

    I hope she gets to enjoy this view again too - it is quite charming and it is in Paris after all. :D

  24. A hint of envy is entirely forgiveable, dear Amy! ;)


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