First Official Meeps Baby: It's a Girl!

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 2.5" x 3.5" [9 x 6.5 x 9cm]
For new visitors here who might be scratching your heads over this Meep business and wondering which exotic herbal tea we're dunking our nutty bikkies into, you can follow the crumb trail right back to here, in the comments section almost seven months ago to the day, where the word Meep first made its appearance with many thanks to Queen Amy.

Anyhoo, after adopting this word faster than the next generation i-Whatever will be adopted by the converted masses, we've had our first official Meeps baby.  Virginia of Paris Through My Lens is now the clucky mum of a dear little black rescue kitten and she named her Meeps.  In the grand tradition of the chicken and the egg, or a mirror reflected in a mirror {I'm mid-dunk of a passionflower-absinthe-infused Yorkshire black tea, in case you're curious}, how could I resist doing a Meep of a Meep.  And her mum. 

Happy New Home, dear Meeps.  You've landed on your paws beautifully, little one...


  1. Oh my, I"m dabbing tears as I read this. You and your dear reader Amy did start something wonderful. I never thought I'd be a Cat Lady but when my daughter Melissa, FORCED me into the adoption, I just knew her name had to be Meeps. She's a precious teensy lap cat that loves to be close and I really love that.

    Merci Chère Shell et Amy.
    Grosses bises!!
    V /Meeps

  2. Awwww!! I do love a happy story. (Sniffle, sniffle.)

  3. Aw now i've reread it am laughing over the Meep of a Meep! You are just the most wonderful spirit and you make my heart giggle dear Shell.

    (Meeps ventured to the basement tonight and stayed out of sight for a while. She ALMOST got fussed at, but I had second thoughts and just gave her heaps of Meep Love instead~!)

  4. Wonderful story! Congrats to Virginia on becoming a Meeps mother :)

    And a warm, lovely meep of Meeps and Mom.

    My WV is cathent....

  5. This is adorable. And good to go back to the origin of Meeps. Love your painting - and so good to follow this story of Virginia's precious puddy tat.

    I don't often comment, Shell but see your beautiful drawings on Facebook all the time. One talented lady is YOU.

    Menton Daily Photo

    Monte Carlo Daily Photo

  6. Aww, a meep of the meep!! It is adorable and so very sweet. They look so content together already.

    As an owner of a few wayward kitties, I am always happy with new cats and owners find each other and improve each other's lives. Virginia - your little Meeps is very lucky.

    I like seeing the word embraced so internationally. ;)

  7. Adorable Meep! I need an app for it--an iMeep, if you will. I can tell Virginia's already in love with her little darling, and rightfully so.

    Amy, thanks for the word. It's a good one.

  8. Adorable, Shell. May Meeps and Virginia have many adventures together.

  9. Aw, this is too purrfect!!! Congrats to the artist, the new cat lover, and the lucky sweet little black kitty.
    And Amy, I've known this term in the plural since my childhood watching Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote cartoons. "Meep meep!" :-). I love the coining and adoption and morphing of the word in context here. How fun!

  10. Virginia ~ it was absolutely my pleasure {to draw you and Meepsie, not to make you cry. :)} Being well versed in the ability of cats {especially black ones} to vanish into thin air, I can picture your anxiety. I can likewise picture all "tsk-tsk" thoughts vanishing as soon as she re-appeared!

    Yvonne ~ aww, now don't you start... ;)

    Ms M ~ don't you love those serendipitous word verifications!

    Thanks, Jilly! I appreciate your kind thoughts.

    Queen Amy ~ yes, you've had plenty of that experience in recent times. The happy endings, or rather beginnings are so good to know.

    Petrea ~ iMeep ~ I love it! I'll send Apple Amy's way if they cotton onto it.

    Thanks, Cali ~ damn straight. :)

    Kim ~ I seem to recall your soft spot for felines. And I remember the Roadrunner ~ who also turned out to be a Forerunner. Very cute!

  11. A charming sentiment and image! If the term keeps gaining currency at this rate, we'll be able to officially rename Blogtopia to iMeep in a lavish biscuit-dunking ceremony. I'll have florentines in saffron-infused vanilla tea (and will be willing to share.)

  12. Mise ~ it will be lavish to the extreme. And you are most kind to share...especially given the currency of saffron infusions.

  13. I misread this at first and saw "clunky mom." Thought I was going to have to give you a lesson in American idioms.

  14. An "aaaw" from moi aussie, Shell. I thought you might do just this—and, as always, you didn't disappoint.
    And I LOVE our fave PTDD just visible through the window!

  15. Another Awww!!! I love the pic..of clucky mom and Meeps!!!

  16. Hiker ~ please do educate me thus if ever the need arises.

    Alexa ~ Pointy-topped Doo-dad! I'm glad to be predictable at times like this. ;)

    Hi, TheChieftess! Thank you for visiting, and on such an auspicious occasion, too.

  17. Perfect name, perfect kitty-and-mum duo, perfect illo.

  18. Oh my, such sweetness Shell...that's love for sure! Meeps is a great name for a kitty! The name suits this little girl to a tee! :)

  19. I am moved to meepness. A darling painting and a beautiful story. Enjoy your sweet kitty Virginia.

  20. PCN ~ thank you for your perfectly lovely comment!

    Speaking of darlings, thanks, Ms M. :)

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ I thought you'd appreciate this one. ;)

    Debs ~ come to think of it, wouldn't it make a lovely suburb name. Then we really could move to Meepness.

  21. M ~ I'm so sorry, I just looked again and realised you're M, not Ms M. But you're darling too! ;)


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