The Versatile Blogger Goes Meep For Winter

ink & watercolour meep miniature, 3.5" x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm] ACQUIRE

There's something about beach stripes that says "Summer".  {Hands up if you just read that as "beach strips..."  If you look closely, you'll see our kitty is wearing no clothes.  Shameful.}   As it's winter here, it's kind of nice to imagine making off with that towel and deck chair and finding a sunny spot, but that would force one to disregard the seductively half-open door.  Decisions, decisions.  And while we ponder our conundrum, please allow me to pose for a brief interlude...

I'm honoured to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from leOpard13, whose Lazy Thoughts from a Boomer is an intelligent and far-from-lazy blog that I thoroughly recommend to you.  We met at PopCultureNerd's place, and I'm very chuffed to be included amongst his awardees.  Thank you, leOpard13!  In addition to thanking leOpard13 for demonstrating his discerning taste, I need to let you know seven things about me, as well as passing the award on.  Here goes:
  • I have a sack of almond meal in the pantry and several macaron recipes but have not yet attempted any.  I find myself sadly lacking in patience and candy thermometers. 
  • I once played the harpsichord for half of Handel's Messiah from Scratch and it takes a lot of pluck to do that.
  • I have 29 rolls of ribbon at the ready for any kind of gift-wrapping emergency.
  • Yoga is my sport of choice {though my Olympic dream fades with every passing four years}.
  • I'm tempted to migrate north for the winter but I'd miss home too much {and a number of ducks I know don't recommend it}.
  • I'll happily sign a petition to have chocolate officially recognised as a food group.
  • I think I'm indecisive but I'm not quite sure...
So rather than trying to choose from all of the outstanding blogs I love: if I follow your blog, you're welcome to take this award and do a happy dance.  Yes, I just ducked out of that one.  Call me "chicken" and I'll be plucked {just prior to making the shortest recorded attempt at flying north}, but don't worry, I'll be back by Friday.


  1. You've got me thinking of how nice it would be to have an indoor beach room, furnished in towel rugs and stripey deckchairs. And how about Nigella's clementine cake to use up the almond meal? She makes a chocolate version too!

  2. Ah, another very cute meep. Lovely, Shell.

    Congratulations on your award and on playing the harpsichord and doing yoga. Two things I wished I'd done in my youth (I think I was too busy travelling and flying planes). I tried to learn music once but my brain just isn't geared that way. I have the ear but nothing else.
    I too have many coloured ribbons ... but mine get used in a different way to yours.
    I just ate half a bar of chocolate.
    I daydream about a place on the beach in the sun much further north ... but my feet are stuck in the south.
    Once upon a time I was never indecisive but now when I contemplate my wardrobe, I find it incredibly difficult to decide what to wear to lug in firewood, clean the litter tray and hang out the laundry ... a far cry from packing away ten outfits for a fortnight's sitting in Canberra! (not to mention accessories). But I guess that's another story.

  3. Well, well deserved, Shell. (Met an Aussie at a party this weekend and I asked about your city. No surprise to learn you live in a very beautiful place.)

  4. Congrats on the award, Shell! (And you're back on Tuesday!) le0pard13 has excellent taste, indeed.

    I wish you were nearby so I could borrow some of that ribbon from you. I'm the lamest gift wrapper ever. I consider it a huge achievement if I can get the wrapping paper on without too much wrinkling or ripping. Then I slap some tape on and that's about all the decoration I can handle.

    But I'd be happy to help you make some macarons! Anything that doesn't turn out perfectly, we'll just eat.

  5. I was very glad to share this award with you, Shell (and equally happy to have crossed paths with you over at PCN's). You are very deserving and versatile blogger. I also find it interesting to learn some of the things you've listed in this post. You and my wife share that knack for having rolls of ribbon on hand for those gift-wrapping emergencies that always seem to come up (my kids and I regularly turn to her for those). That, and you two being hard-core chocolate-lovers (I've been known to bring home 60% + Cacao chocolate bars for SWMBO from time-to-time). Thanks very much, Shell.

  6. Mise ~ what a perfect recipe for the impatient cook without a candy thermometer ~ thank you!

    MmeB ~ hm, I'm imagining what you're doing with all those ribbons ~ perhaps tying plants to stakes for a Martha Stewart look in your lovely garden?

    Hiker ~ oh, how grand!

    PCN ~ Australian Masterchef {reality TV show} had a pressure challenge the other night and each of 4 contestants had to make 240 macarons and assemble them onto the tower/cone. Imagine helping out with those leftovers...

    Thanks, le0pard13 ~ always lovely to find another gift-wrapping specialist! And I'm happy to hear that you bring her those lovely treats. :)

  7. I am tempted to grab that towel and use it as a blanket! The weather here is behaving strangely.

    Congrats on the award. The 29 rolls of ribbon made me laugh. Not that I am surprised. Chocolate isn't a food group?

  8. Adorable little meep! We have winter like weather here (well, our version of winter) today. I couldn't find any sun.

    I'm contacting you in a gift wrapping emergency. And I thought chocolate already was a food group? =P

    Well deserved award!

  9. Such a sweet little photo! I have a stripey beach towel just like the one on the left. Now if I could only get some warm and sunny weather here in northern CA I'd be all set. Congrats on the award. Funny to hear you talk about "migrating north for the winter" though. Maybe someday we can all meet in the middle!

  10. Cali, Katie and Amy ~ how funny {not HaHa funny!} that you're having some wintery weather there right now. I can assure you, your sun isn't hiding here today! ;)

    So chocolate is already a food group? Is it at the base of the pyramid, by any chance?

  11. congrats on your award. Well done. Go wrap yourself in ribbon to celebrate.

  12. Kudos on your award!

    The sun is shining forcefully here today, to where you seek shade rather than sun. But I love the colors and stripes in this piece, and kitty, too :)

    I thought chocolate was already one of the major food groups....

  13. Another lovely post.
    And CONGRATULATIONS on the award!

  14. Margaret ~ what a great idea!

    Ms M ~ I hope your chocolate doesn't melt in that heat. ;)

    Thanks, Shanna ~ have a lovely evening!

  15. Drat. I believe my deeply felt, carefully edited comment has disappeared into the ether.

    I forgot what I said.

    Congratulations, Shell.

    Mme. B, I think some of us might wish we'd spent our youth traveling and flying planes! Okay, one of us.

  16. Petrea ~ double drat!! I saw on other blogs that there had been a comments-eating issue but didn't realise I'd lost any myself. I'm sure it was a finely crafted and heartfelt comment!

  17. Hey, my comment has gone missing too! It probably said something about the wonderful colors in your illo, Shell. We could use these things here, where it's most definitely beach weather: hot, hot, hot!

  18. Oh, no, add another drat to the pile!! My apologies to all whose comments were eaten ~ I only wish I was versatile enough to be able to bring them back.

    Alexa ~ I'll order you a Long Island Iced Tea!

  19. Congrats, ShSh!

    It's about time you are recognized for your Versatility.

  20. Thank you, Cafe ~ and being so versatile yourself, I'm guessing you can wag your tail and pat your tummy at the same time.


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