Francophile Friday: L'Escargot Slow Show

 ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm]

Does focusing on snails on Friday help the weekend slide along more slowly?  Perhaps a notion worth exploring at a leisurely pace...

L'Escargot Montorgueil takes the Slow Food movement literally. This popular restaurant in Paris decorates its signage with a trail of regal-looking golden snails {perhaps paying a side homage to garlic butter}, leaving us in no doubt as to its primary fare.  As for the principle of "waste not, want not", there's an interesting story about the establishment here.

Thank you so very much to Cali, who sent me a photo of these charming snails and their abode quite some time ago.  With due deference to the subject matter, I took my time illustrating them.  So likewise, please take your time gazing at them.  They aren't going anywhere in a hurry.  And on that note...

Happy  Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Every time I go to Paris, I think about trying escargot .. but I never manage to do more than just think. I can't wrap my mind around eating them :-(
    Great art as usual

  2. Oh I think draaaggggginnnngggg Francophile Friday out is a bon (bonne?) idea! Love this illo. I"ve walked by this place but not eaten there. I have tried the critters and all I can say is ANYTHING is trés bon (bonne?) if slatered in garlic butter.

  3. This looks so much better than the photo! The snails even look cuddly and almost, but not quite, edible! I have yet to taste the little critters.

    Thanks for choosing my photo to illustrate, Shell. I am now off to compare the photo with this most charming illo!

  4. I'd love to think that focusing on your charming (as always) interpretation of this place will make the weekend pass more slowly—and as V so wisely points out, it's all good with garlic butter!
    Hope your weekend is super, and slow.

  5. They're almost too cute to eat. Almost.


  6. I love these old French restaurants (the website photos are worth a look). Your illo makes snails adorable, if food can be adorable. I say to eat them is une bonne idée.

  7. The GyPsY ~ I've tried them locally, cooked by a French chef ~ but now that I've drawn them, I don't know if I could eat them again. :)

    Thanks, Virginia ~ I figure it's usually a safe bet for me to run with Francophile Friday. x

    Cali ~ I'm happy you like it! It was a toss up between this angle and the other, but I opted for the Tenin slant. ;)

    Alexa ~ I hope it's slow, too ~ as it turns out, I have a lot to squoosh into it.

    Hiker ~ putting a little smile on just about anything makes it harder to eat.

    Thanks, Petrea! Those photos are wonderful, aren't they {as was Cali's, though she denies it}.

  8. Lovely illo Shell (from a wonderful photo Cali!) of a place I too have walked by many times and never stopped in. I like snails (as V says, anything drowning in garlic butte is delish) so maybe I'll finally try this place in September. Thank you for your "slow it down" advice -- I hope the weekend lasts a long time for all of us!

  9. Love your snails; the one in the center looks quite proud :)
    And I have always enjoyed escargot! Nice way to start the weekend.

  10. Katie ~ slow weekend or otherwise, September will be here before we know it!

    Thanks, Ms M ~ may you find snails on your plate this weekend rather than in your garden. :)

  11. But who would want to eat such cute little snails. I think this might be a secret PETA promotion. Maybe?

  12. Margaret ~ heh heh! Actually, that bunch scares me a bit, but if I can help animals in any way, I'm glad about that.

  13. Shell, I have not eaten here but have the photo shots too. Bring on the escargots. Je les aime! Merci!

  14. I'm a closet fan of PETA's.

  15. Genie ~ and I'll bet your photos are beauties! Maybe we can see them over at your place sometime...

    Hiker ~ I'm glad to know there aren't any furs in that closet.

  16. Will someone please try out this eating snails theory and let me know how it goes? ;)

    Until then, I'll just look at this lovely drawing.

  17. Please do, Amy ~ no need to rush into it. :)

  18. Thanks, LL ~ I'm guessing you've tasted more than a few of these in your time.


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