A Covet of Cupids

ink & watercolour illustration of print ad, 4" x 4.25" [10.5 x 11cm]

Valentine's Day is a couple of weeks away, so I thought, "A-ha!  I shall pip everyone else at the post and blog about it now."  A-ha, indeed!!  And lest you fall off your perch in surprise at my forward planning, I shall draw your attention to a celebrity fragrance that was released sufficiently long enough ago that you may no longer locate it in a luxe department store, but it may still be loitering on the shelves at your local day/night chemist {pharmacy}, and thus the perfect solution for the last minute gift for blokes to procure on their way to their amour on Valentine's Night.

The fragrance in question is Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet Pure Bloom, resplendent with sweet tropical florals, like mandarin, purple plum, coconut water, tuberose, pikake, jasmine, amber, iris, sandalwood and creamy musks.  By its name alone, it's a nice match for Valentine's Day, as the origin of the word 'covet' according to dictionary.com is "c.1225, from O.Fr. coveitier, probably ult. from L. cupiditas "passionate desire," from cupidus "very desirous," from cupere "long for, desire." 

I have to wonder, though, how many covet the dress over the perfume...


  1. I'm really the first comment? Yay! :D

    I admire your advance planning. I had nearly forgotten it was the month for Valentine's Day. I personally, would rather have the dress. I'm a sucker for dresses, and not so much a sucker for most perfumes. :)

  2. Ooh such a sexy drawing! I've never sampled SJP's fragrance, but maybe I should. I'm a huge SATC fan and although I'm not much of a clothes horse, I do enjoy imagining a life where I could wear all those wonderful fashions! I'll start with this dress please.

  3. I'm remaining loyal to YSL's fragrance Paris forever. However, let's talk about that dress! And how I'm looking forward to the SATC movie sequel (yes, I admit it). When the TV show ended, they had a big sale here of all the clothes that the women had worn—some young friends of mine stood on line for hours and then bought what they could afford, which turned out to be earrings. Still, what a souvenir!

  4. Woohoo, Amy ~ you're first to wear the dress. Be careful with the canapes, though, as there's a line forming behind you. :)

    Katie ~ I still remember reading how unlikely it would be that Carrie could afford her lifestyle in real life. But it's always fun to imagine!

    Alexa ~ whenever I do a perfume post, I am content knowing you are a YSL Paris girl through and through. ;) And that's a great souvenir ~ I'm glad your friends did manage to score something.

  5. Surely you're not suggesting that our blokes are the sort who'd buy us last minute gifts? On the contrary, they've been meticulous polishing romantic motorcycle spare parts for us for weeks now in readiness for Valentine's day. We may have to leave our laptops round the place open at your lovely picture to suggest that a little extra something wouldn't go amiss.

  6. What a coincidence. I had a dream the other night that I was smelling perfume. I think it was one of the Chanels -- had a touch of iris in it.

    Still, the dress please.

  7. Beautiful drawing !! My wishes in advance to you !!

  8. Love the violet in this one. I covet the gloves!

    Too bad Gilles wasn't for sale. ;-)

  9. I'm wundering if for a Valentines gift women prefer sweet scents or sweet tastes?

  10. Mise ~ I shall act duly surprised and delighted if I awake to discover a sparkling hub cap or exhaust pipe laid out for me...

    Hiker ~ I'm impressed that years of eating ripe cheese has not wearied your olfactory system, even in its sleep.

    Thanks, Unseen Rajasthan ~ you, too!

    Cali ~ we'll focus on the gloves ~ a nice pair of those will last forever!

    Cafe ~ as long as it shows some thought and care, I think that goes a long way regardless of which kind of sweet treat it is. :)

  11. Akexa,
    I had a spritz or two of YSL's Paris last trip. However, I remain loyal to my violette parfum from la Perfumerie that Shsh has immortalized!!! Funny how scents can bring back a moment in time isn't it?

  12. Since I don't wear perfume, I covet SJP's dress. And shoes. And hair.

  13. Virginia ~ 'your' parfumerie is already programmed into my list of teleportation destinations, and when I make it there, I will spritz your violette parfum {if they permit such a thing} and think of you.

    PCN ~ I'd love to see you in that dress, but with your own lustrous locks ~ très belle!!

  14. Well I'm going to be a greedy gert and take the lot. Perfune, dress, gloves, hair, earings, heck even the shoes though I can't see them (though knowing Ms Bradshaw they would be fabulous). Now all I need to do is convince my man to take me somewhere where I can wear my exquisite outfit.
    I'm a little ahead of schedule myself. I've already booked the restaurant for valentines night (well it's pointless waiting for him to think of it). However if I wake up on valentines morning and find a shiny car part of any kind I will brain him with it.

  15. So darling! I love her posture, that says it all!
    Happy "heart" Day.

  16. Lori Lynn ~ very sassy, isn't it! Happy "heart" Day to you, too.

    They really set it off, don't they, Lily!

  17. Very enlightening story there Shell. I had always thought of covet as a distasteful emotion but "passionate desire" isn't so bad now, is it?
    Very glamorous version of Sarah!!

  18. MmeB ~ being one of the 'seven deadly sins' does give it a bad name ~ but I found the meanings rather desirous!


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