Book in a Stack of Light Reading

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]

Over Christmas, I was going to catch up on some light reading.

It didn't work.  Ok, my reading pile doesn't look exactly like this one.  Nor does my chair or wall.  Maybe the drink.  But you get the general gist of it. 

And the reading can wait for one more day ~ after all, I've had two blog awards kindly bestowed upon me, and I couldn't possibly concentrate on a book while I'm still basking in the warm fuzzy afterglow of such honours!

For the "Creative Writer" Blogger Award, I thank dear PopCultureNerd, my go-to person for astute and entertaining reviews of movies, TV and books {and responsible for several feet of my must-read stack}.  Please note the quotation marks and resemblance to Pinocchio.  Interpret this as you will ~ it's gold and shiny and I'm delighted to accept. Having been awarded this by someone with impeccable punctuation and a pert little nose, I take it as a huge compliment.

And for the pretty pink Kreativ Blogger Award, I thank another of our regulars: dear Mise!   Her dry and intelligent wit is not just reserved for blog comments ~ if you haven't already visited her Pretty Far West blog of idyllic domesticity ~ three parts Irish Breakfast Tea and one part Irish Whisky ~ you are missing a treat. 

And in the spirit of the Irish Whisky part of proceedings, I shall befuddledly blend both of these award protocols {the exact details of which I'm a bit foggy about anyway} and give you a list of five things about me that you might find amusing or entertaining, but may not actually be true.  
  1. I have freckles and I love them.  I frown on the practice of attempting to bleach freckles with lemon juice.  Own them, I say.
  2. I refused to participate in the obligatory running races in our annual primary school sports day until Grade 5, when I ran on a whim and won my race.  All were confounded, myself included.
  3. Our cat Fatso is not fat.
  4. I grew up in a coal mining town, but I'm not a coal miner's daughter.
  5. When I was little ~ littler ~ a recording of me playing Greensleeves on the electronic organ was used by one of the local Mr Whippy vans.  I was not paid in ice-cream.
And now for the really tricky part ~ passing the baton.  There are far more creative and tasteful bloggers around these parts than I have awards for, so here are just four special ones out of all the special ones:  AmyR's Disneyland Daily Photo {Kreativ Blogger}; Cafe Pasadena {Kreativ Blogger}; Altadena Hiker {"Creative Writer" Blogger Award}; and Margaret's Finnegan Begin Again {"Creative Writer" Blogger Award}   Thank you all for amusing and delighting me! 


  1. Good on you, Shell! And absolutely well-deserved. And however close it is (or isn't) to being your real reading material, I just love your stack o' books!
    Have to go now and check out the blogs of your 4 awardees. (Yippee—more good stuff!)

  2. Writer? Blogger? What??
    Gee, you had me falling for the creative drawer and painter stuff all this time!

  3. I don't know where to start with this delightful post!

    1) That reading stack resembles mine in volume. Mine is stuffed under the coffee table and by the bed and by the coffee table. I never seem to read as much as I intend to. I'm adding this to my "prints I must buy" list!

    2) Congrats on your awards, they are certainly well deserved. Your blog is creative and charming and many other things that keep me coming back every time you post.

    3) Thank you soooo much for passing along the Kreative Blogger award to my Disneyland blog. I feel very, very honored. And very motivated to get my butt over there to schedule the rest of this week's posts! I can't wait to check out the other blogs you listed!


  4. Your book stack looks like mine!--sort of. Mine's this tall but not quite this pretty. I believe all five things you said about yourself, and I believe you made good choices in passing the baton.

  5. Alexa ~ I took the liberty of adding some titles I'd be happy to have in the pile. {No, not the Cross-stitching one...} When God invented blogging, I suspect a 25th hour in the day would have come in handy... so many beautiful ones out there, not the least yours!

    Cafe ~ it's perfectly ok just to look at the pictures, dear pup...

    Thanks, sweet Finie!!

    Amy ~ thank you, and you're most welcome, petal! I don't know how you manage more than one blog, but you know I especially love visiting Walt's World through you!

    Petrea ~ you win the prize for being the first to take a guess at the list ~ I shall wait a bit longer before confirming or denying. :)

  6. Shell, your panache is inimitable. That Grade 5 race win is emblematic of a life well led, which sure beats a life well read, though the stack is tempting. I'll raise a whisky to your health despite the early hour.

  7. Your book stack looks like La Tour Eiffel. I was so busy reading your titles that it took me awhile to see -- you passed me a baton! Thank you, Shell. You certainly put me in some lovely company.

    Now about those dangerous boys...

  8. And thank you, ShSh, for your recognition of me and the other bloggers. You didn't have to go through all the trouble of a blog post for us: a simple cash award wood have sufficed.

    You certainly are an award winner!

    So, are we supposed to do something with this award or just give a speech of, "thanks and we deserved it"?

  9. Book titles say so much. ;-)

    Be careful that your tower of books don't topple! I think the stack is taller than you.

  10. Congratulations my dear on two well deserved awards! I do believe all 5 things too. A woman who draws, paints and writes as beautifully as you couldn't possible lie..........
    And I'm embarrassed to admit that the pile of books quite resembles the pile on my bed side table. I'm a little afraid that it will topple and squash me in the night.

  11. Thank you, dear Mise ~ bottoms up. :)

    Hiker ~ I suspect you know the dangerous boys far better than me. ;)

    Cafe ~ I've taken poetic license, but I think according to the original Kreativ Blogger award protocol, you can {if you choose ~ I won't be hurt if you don't} list 7 things about you that others don't know and may find interesting or amusing, and pass the award on to 7 bloggers of your choice. Or do as your puppy dog free will dictates, like "thanks, and I deserve this." ;)

    Cali ~ it sure is. I needed a little step ladder!!

    Thank you, Debs ~ and yes, you and Petrea are correct ~ all 5 were true. My nose is safely compact. I'm worried about you now ~ I don't want you to have a stack with your stack.

  12. Congratulations on your awards!

    I love to enlarge your drawings ...and I fantasize about re-decorating my bedroom in "Shell Sherree."

  13. Congratulations Shell on your awards; you really are the epitome of creativity. As for the books, they look a bit like the pile awaiting my attention. I did manage to read 3 books in the last fortnight though so things are looking up.

  14. Shell, that looks like my stack of books, though there'd be a matching pile on the other side of the chair. And behind it. And the chair is not nearly as pretty, of course.

    Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for your generous words!

  15. Thanks, Shanna ~ coming from a talented artist such as yourself, that's some compliment. :)

    MmeB ~ good for you!!

    Bhavesh ~ thank you, and congrats to you on your recent award, too!

    PCN ~ there would be no contest at all between my stack and your many stacks!

  16. Anyone who'd like some beautiful free wallpapers for their screen, pop over and take Bhavesh up on his very generous offer ~ see his comment just a few above. Bhavesh's photos are beautiful and he's a sweetie!

  17. Mabrook (Congrats in Arabic :-)) ..
    your art, writing and spirit are wonderful, enjoy the glow!
    Love the illustration a lot.

    BTW- I posted the bracelet on Feb1 and was told it would take 10 days; did you get it yet? (Your package hasn't arrived here yet.)


  18. Thanks, Fadwa!! No, the bracelet hasn't arrived yet, and I sent your package 25th Jan, so it concerns me that it hasn't arrived to you yet... I'll email you.

  19. Congratulations Shell :-) So happy for you! You deserve it!!! I sent out your Valentine Cards and they were a big hit! Everyone loved them. Thanks a million flowers!

  20. Kelle!!! Thank you for letting me know ~ I'm so happy to hear that! And I'm sure you had a beautiful Valentine's Day, too!


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