Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh Well ... it's Venice Again

At the risk of starting a trend, Venice has been the theme for the past two Tuesdays. So since "three" also begins with the letter "T", I thought I'd tempt you with Venice again today. {Which also begins with a "T". Oooooh. Spooky!}

It's hard to believe, but there are streets in Venice that can be traversed without the aid of a floating vessel. This is one of them. I apologise - yet again - for having no clue where this is. I spent all of my walking time in Venice in a series of ever-increasingly confused spirals. I'd like to say I was intuitively following the Fibonacci series but that would be heavy on the 'fib' and light on the 'acci'. If I'd known back then that blogs would come along, I'd have taken better notes and left some breadcrumbs. {And fattened up some pigeons in the process. I guess there's a reason why street maps were invented.}

I seem to recall that the flat-topped doodad in the centre was an old well, once used to help catch rainwater for the residents of Venice but now just serving as a quaint and lovely decoration, and something helpful to lean your map on that you most sensibly brought with you. Didn't you.


  1. I had the same experience in Venice. Aimless wandering. It was great. It was also two decades ago. Sigh.

  2. At least you visited Venice Margaret and Shell. I have yet to leave France and finding out there are other countries in Europe has come as quite a shock! ;)
    So, ladies, any scoop about Italian men?

  3. Margaret ~ I only missed you by a few years. Sounds like we're both due for another one soon!

    from cali ~ I wasn't supposed to notice at the time. I have more of a scoop on gelati, sad to say. Perhaps some of our other ladies can give us the skinny {mocha latte, please} on it...

  4. Oops, my bad, Shell! No offense to Mr. Man. Girls will be girls . . .

  5. Not worries, cali ~ girls will be girls. All in good fun.

  6. Another nice memory, thank you.
    It is not quite the same but reminds me of this one :
    Sorry I didn't have time to learn TG's instructions to make links ! Maybe next time... or a later one.

  7. Marylène ~ wow, that's a TG moment! What a lovely photo ~ thank you for the URL. {Never mind about the links. Try it some rainy day... or a later one.}

  8. Wow, Shell. Another gorgeous image of Venice—and you can't overdo it as far as I'm concerned.
    When I was there last September, I found a message from a lovesick Romeo to his Juliet—written on the cover of one of these old wells. Very romantic.

  9. Lovely Shell dear; I especially like the grate in the wall for airflow - an often forgotten necessity. :))

  10. MmeB ~ a wise observation, and I guess especially necessary in Venice with the rising damp. ;)

  11. Love your drawings!
    If you need inspiration about Venise, you might want to check Venise Daily Photo (the link is also in my "Photo Blogs" on the Tomate Farcie blog, if you need). The photos are outstanding, plus as far as I can tell from the few exchanges we had over the years, the blogger himself (Pierre) is a really nice guy. Seriously, check out his blog, I'm sure you'll love the colors!

  12. Hi, Tomate! Thank you for the great tip - Venice Daily Photo is gorgeous, isn't it! Stunning!


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