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Inaugural Pointy-topped Doo-dad

I've discovered quite a penchant for architectural and decorative features I fondly call Pointy-topped doo-dads. Alexa at The Road is Mine is kindly photographing plenty of New York Pointy-topped doo-dads for me and kindred PTDD connoisseurs to appreciate, with links to more supplied by witty and wise blogpal Tall Gary, aka President Linkin. I was feeling a little lazy, letting them do all the hard work, so here's my own ink and watercolour of a fine one on top of The Helmsley Building, pointed out by Tall Gary. More PTDDs to come from time to time. Pointy-topped doo-dad Club Memberships and T-shirts available soon. Maybe even keyrings.


  1. This is one fine PTDD, beautifully rendered! (BTW, I am also a big fan of architectural detail.) It certainly takes a lot more talent to create this than it does to "point and shoot." Looking forward to more!

  2. Thanks, Alexa! Look what you've started ;) And I felt a pressing need to include the ultimate NY PTDD ~ one of your very favourites ~ so the Inaugural PTDD is continued in Part 2 .

  3. What illustration will you use for PTDD T-s? Male & female versions? ;)

  4. Oh, hee hee, from cali! I'll have to put my Pointy-topped thinking hat on.

  5. How do you manage to get your watercolours to stay inside the lines?

    I love the word "doo-dads"! I've never actually seen it written before, only spoken. Now I know how to spell it. LOL

  6. HeeHee, MmeBenaut! I don't guarantee that my version of 'doo-dads' is technically correct, but I'm sticking with it!

    I have a vague memory that a primary school teacher wrote on a report card of mine once that I was very good at colouring within the lines. I guess it stuck with me.


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