Fairy Cake Detox Diet

Fairy cakes. That's my philosophy on how to start a gradual detox after Easter. Rather than risk sending the body into some kind of vegetable juice imposed shock, detox gradually via fairy cakes, cupcakes, patty cakes... these contain an ideal ratio of plain cake to sugar-rush content for this purpose.

One of my favourite places for such a detox is the Shingle Inn. This franchise started in the 1930s in Edward St in Brisbane city and was popular with not just the locals, but also American service personnel in WWII. {I hope that doesn't make their cakes high GI?} The fair ladies of the city also went there {wearing gloves, I'm sure} and as they became mothers and grandmothers, took their children along and created generations of fond memories of heavy silver tea and coffee pots, imitation gas light fittings, mock-Tudor timber panelling and booths, and some the best cakes to be found in the city.

Sadly, the original icon was dismantled in 2002 to make way for Queens Plaza. I'm so glad I drew it before then. Everything was photographed, tagged and stored with the intention of rebuilding it as it was, but to date, that hasn't happened. Disappointing as that is, there are a number of newer Shingle Inns around the city and suburbs, and though they'll never replace the original, they do know how to do lovely teas.


  1. I find your advice quite wise, and I find your picture really lovely.

  2. That's the way to diet!
    I like the pink gown in the store window next door and it's on sale! Too bad I missed out . . . ;)
    Do you think they will ever rebuild it? How odd they went through all that trouble and did not follow through.

  3. Thank you, Margaret. {I find your picture lovely, too!}

    Yes, from cali, I'm sorry to say you're about twelve years late for that special. {I just gave myself a fright when I looked up how long ago I did this drawing!}

    I haven't seen anything recently on the subject of the rebuild {something many Brisbanites are still pretty cranky about} but according to this article from over a year ago, it's not a dead duck. I just hope that they are getting regular white ant {termite} inspections, because it would be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions if they finally sealed a deal only to find there were no shingles left to go in.

  4. Heavy silver tea pots - I do like those but the cleaning leaves a bit to be desired. Adore this illustration.

  5. Thank you, MmeBenaut! Yes, nearly all of my silverware is past being saved by cleaning. The silver platers will rub their hands together until they gleam when I finally take it all there.


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