Raindrops on Daisies and Whiskers on Kittens

Daisy by Marc Jacobs {Eau de parfum} scores top marks for a gorgeous bottle and top marks for using an adorable four legged model instead of a two legged one {though I'll take the smell of a kitten over perfume any minute of the day}.

I'm also awarding top marks for an enchanting website. You can have some fun being gorgeous, youthful, elegant, feminine and flowery while planting virtual daisies and winning downloads. {And the fragrance? Violet, wild strawberries, gardenia, jasmine, vanilla infusion. But not, ahem, daisy.}


  1. Give me four-legged models any day! Hmmm maybe that's because I'm 'mature' and when I look at an adorable kitten or puppy I don't feel that I need to rush off to explore botox or nip n tuck. Neither do I have to spend hours googling up past pics of the models to see if they have been airbrushed!

  2. That's for sure, Annie-Elle. Though I hear a lot of hairbrushing goes on.

  3. Mmmm...I love ALL things marc jacobs, and his perfumes are no exception!

  4. His perfumes and sunglasses are probably the closest I'll get to him, citysage, but I enjoy admiring the view.

  5. Another cute kitty! Very astute, the observation that daisy fragrance was not included. LOL

    As for enchanting websites, you must take a look at Anne Reeves'. You would love her take on life.

  6. Thank you for the recommendation, MmeBenaut ~ you're right! I've been seeing her name a lot lately and no wonder. Lovely!


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