Be Still, my Beating Heart-Wings

I've discovered a penchant for pretty winged things. And with Thomas Sabo, I can indulge a pendant penchant at the same time. If you'd rather fall for his charms, you'll find plenty of those as well.

This gorgeous thing has a face covered with synthetic red garnets and is listed as a unisex item, inspired by the popular tattoo design. Hmm. Ladies, would you prefer him wearing this around his neck or the old-fashioned way, inked into his toned bicep? {Reminds me of a father and son I used to know, who both wore this heart design under their sleeves. They were equally adorable.}


  1. Ooh-I LOVE charms so much! And I love it when people collect them, because then you always know what gift to get them too!

    What fun designs he does!

  2. citysage, I love the revival of charm bracelets. They create a beautiful ongoing memento of treasured places, people and occasions.


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