Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Someday My Pig will Come

Pork-quoi? Pork-quoi pas! Eric at Paris Daily Photo announced that Pigs will fly! And so they shall. Well, this little one shall, at least. Monsieur Tenin tempted his devoted fans with the cutest of cute piggy banks. She's so adorable that there is even wishful talk of an auction. Since the freight to Australia would cost as much as a small country, I'll dream of her instead, high over the streets of Paris and winging her way to me...


  1. If there is an auction I would prefer to bid on your painting. Superbe, Madame.

    By the way, Eric's "pet" looks made of cast iron. Thus the two halves and the metallic glint where the paint has rubbed off on the edge of the ears, nose, and chin. It may be held together and secure from easy invasion by a screw on the bottom.

    Shipping costs for something made of cast iron: It may be cheaper to fly roundtrip to Paris, reserving on the return trip a separate seat for Mlle Pinky Tirelire. That is, if you don't feel comfortable using a saddle on her.

  2. TG, you are most kind, Monsieur ~ thank you! And your observations of Eric's cute piggy seem very astute... a saddle it is and I shall restrict Mlle Pinky et moi to only one boxful of pre-flight Laduree macarons to facilitate the trip.

  3. That piggy bank is the sweetest thing--and I love your interpretation on paper!

  4. Thank you, citysage ... I've sent her a message by carrier pigeon and she said she's only too happy to visit you on the way.

  5. "Pork-quoi?". . .I'm laughing so hard. You are a clever, clever artist. Very fun to come here and see Mr. Eric's cute piggy bank portrayed. Glad you could created your own dream come trued, and thanks for sharing it with us. Very special!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  6. Thanks so much, Kim! A little birdie just told me that Mlle Pinky is feeling invigorated from her layover in New York, so you can expect a visit before the oink on our comments is dry.

  7. I just slurped my coffee over this one. Pork-quoi? You are just hilarious. ROFL

  8. {I know we're not supposed to laugh at our own jokes, but this one cracks me up, too! Thanks, MmeBenaut!}


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