Save Your Wedgwood

Jasper Conran's 'Chinoiserie' design for Wedgwood isn't all white but I'd be tempted to break my 'all white dinner ware' inclination for a few feature pieces of it. Or bend it slightly, at least.

My rendition shows the green Chinoiserie but it's also available in a white body with coloured pattern. If I were to succumb, I'd likely go for a few key pieces in the patterned white and work them in with my white self-patterned Strawberry & Vine dinner service. (It's upwards of 14 years old now and it has witnessed more nights of food, friends and fun than I can begin to count. It is worth everything I paid for it and more.)

If you like it, buy some now. Sadly, it looks like some of Waterford Wedgwood's UK and Irish subsidiaries (at least) succumbed to the downturn and went into administration on 5th January 2009 . But hopefully buyers can be found to save this iconic company that was founded in 1759! Its quality and beauty will be sadly missed at dinner parties and High Teas if not.

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