Sugar Soaped and Dack-Free


We decided to freshen up a few rooms with a couple of licks of paint.

I have a sneaking feeling that the name Sugar Soap was invented to make the job of paint preparation sound far more appealing than it actually is, thereby tricking a heck of a lot of women into tackling a job best left to someone else. Anyone else.

After getting over my disappointment that Sugar Soap is actually just a degreasing agent and not a form of sustenance to help make wiping down the walls vaguely enjoyable, I engaged in some healthy transference to dark chocolate and resumed the task at hand. Being 5'2" in stature and lacking in patience, I found a little stool to give me Access All Areas rather than trot out the back to get the ladder. (I can see the Workplace Health and Safety types shaking their heads so I'll caution not to try this at home and to use a most sensible and thoroughly inspected ladder instead.)

This pint-sized piece of furniture proved a wise choice when I came to prep the walls in our toilet. It was a perfect fit between the actual toilet and each adjacent wall. Things were proceeding nicely until I stepped off the stool and straight into the bucket of sugar-soaped water, causing me to remove my trackie pants and complete the remaining scrub down in my floral undies. (After uttering a few cuss words and wondering if it was a sign from God that I should down tools, I looked on the bright side and became grateful that I stood in the bucket, not the toilet bowl.)

The job miraculously became far more comfortable after that. I could move without worrying that I'd catch the leg of my trackies and come a cropper. I think I'm onto something that they don't tell you in the home handyman tips. When the weather fines up and I tackle the painting, I'll be doing it dack-free. My hubby has already offered to help.

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