Venerdi in Venice: Flock to Pink Lamplights

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

I've read it's flattering to our complexions to use pink lampshade linings and lightbulbs.  These birds silhouetted against the skyline in Venice have the right idea.  Grazie mille to Catherine Hédouin and Danielle for the broodingly-beautiful photo inspiration posted at Venetia Micio.  {If you can't get enough of these Venice lamps, you'll find more of Catherine's lovely photos here.}   It looks like rain, but I'm happy to linger a while if you are.  We might learn a thing or two.  I hear these birds know how to pastry.  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. Lovely piece! I love rose-colored glass. And really like how you used gray tones to enhance the rose. Happy Friday to you, too! :)

  2. Oh gosh yes. Pink and gray are a perfect combination. I want lamps like these for my back yard.

  3. I looove these Venetian lamplights! And you've captured them so perfectly, Shell—with the cloudy sky and Saints Mark and Theodore overlooking the Piazzetta. Even the pigeons are charming (for a change). :~}

  4. I love the birds and the pink lampshades. And the original photo is stunning.

    The lighting in my new place is a little off, and you've just given me a solution: pink! Thanks for the inspiration, Shell.

  5. Yay! We're back in Venice again. Grazie mille, Little Ms Shell.

  6. I want these pink lights in every room in my apartment. I'd also like a miner's hat with the pink light installed so I can wear it around and my complexion would look good everywhere I go.

    Thanks for the beautiful drawing, Shell, and to Catherine for the inspiration. Happy weekend!

  7. Ms M ~ rose-coloured glass would enhance the overcast day we're having here.

    Petrea ~ I'm with you. I'd transplant it no matter what the season.

    Thanks, Alexa ~ the pigeons are on good behaviour. I told them you'd be here.

    Susan ~ always glad to be of assistance, even in unexpected ways. :)

    Hiker ~ did I mention the pastries? I believe there could also be cheese.

    Thought you'd be happy with today's itinerary, dear Yvonne. Have a lovely weekend.

    Pop Culture Nerd ~ you've raised an excellent point. I vote that pink bulbs become a standard option for miner's hats worldwide. Violet, too.

  8. Who said cheese? There's cheese? Where's the cheese??

  9. This is gorgeous Shell.....Happy weekend, xv.

  10. Your blog itself gives a lovely rose-coloured view of the world, just like a fine pair of expensive sunglasses.

  11. Oo, pink glass lamps, those sound utterly beautiful!
    And I adore the illustration, its lovely!

  12. Gorgeous! I've never seen a pink lamp light before. Have a wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx

  13. Who wouldn't want to arrange a romantic rendez-vous under the pink lamplights of Venice?

    wv: ditcha!

  14. PCN ~ it's not deep-fried, though. Just in case you were wondering...

    Thanks, dear Vicki. Happy long weekend to you and your DDs.

    Mise ~ I love your new profile pic. Amd I'm sure you'd wear expensive sunglasses very well.

    Thanks, Indie.Tea ~ they probably make cakes look extra-lovely, too.

    Kellie ~ I had a feeling it would appeal to you.

    Cali ~ speaking of which, in the right season, those birds would be only a few ruffled feathers away from romance...

  15. Bravo ma chère Shelley, ta nouvelle aquarelle est une pure merveille et je suis ravie que grâce à VenetiaMicio et à cette photo de Cath, tu aies pu nous faire le plaisir d'un nouveau dessin !
    bisous ma Belle et une très journée à toi

  16. Such a marvelous image. I'm drawn to these pink lights too (and not just because I hear whispers of pastries nearby!)

  17. You've inspired me too. We had the house painted recently and a pink light would go perfectly!

  18. Merci, Danielle ~ c'ést tout mon plaisir, grâce à toi et Catherine. I'm delighted you love it! Bisous, ma chère. x0

    Katie ~ you hear them, too? Phew, that's a relief.

    Sounds perfectly lovely to me, Debs. And I think a pink light would be in order after the surprise your hubby gave you not long ago, adorable as she is! ;)

  19. THis is such a wonderful image. I had pink lampshades in my bedroom in my twenties. (In fact, everything is kind of pink-tinged when I look back on my twenties!)

  20. You and Alexa are making me long to visit Venice. Lovely sweet Shell!

  21. Laurie ~ you just flashed me back to my sister's 21st birthday party. The theme was pink and I suspect some achieved it by leaving red socks in with their whites. It was {mostly} very pretty, though!

    Virginia ~ this also reminds me of one of your gorgeous Paris photos ~ in my queue, of course! As for Venice, it's one endless photo opportunity just waiting for you to happen.

    Thanks, Rommel.

  22. Hi!

    This is my very first time here and I'm enjoying your blog for so many reasons!!!

    Please, drop by if you have a minute. :-)

    Have a Beautiful Day!


    Luciane at

  23. I think I need some pink lampshades. Or maybe just a dark room. Definitely, something is needed.

  24. Thanks for dropping by, Luciane.

    Margaret ~ I recommend the pink shades. We don't want you hiding your light under a bushel.

  25. Hi Shell, this is really beautiful!

  26. Pierre!!! Always so lovely to see you here ~ thank you.


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