Friday, May 22, 2009

BYO CopaKabana and Cheese

I admit ... it's a long time since I went to a party. Especially one like this, where hypothetically speaking, one who never sings in public could drink sufficient red wine to cheerfully tackle Copacabana to the unforgivingly sparse accompaniment of a karaoke machine that was quite useless in my humble opinion, having lost or temporarily misplaced all backing instruments aside from a lonely pair of maracas. Then to top off the indignity, one nearly falls over the top of the verandah railing and into the hibiscus bushes at the very moment fellow partygoers are wondering just Who shot who ....

But enough about my fictitious ghosts of parties past. Do you have any festive figments of your imagination you'd like to pretend to remember or forget? Or perhaps a sub-standard karaoke machine you'd like to have words with? One moment while I find a faded feather for my hair.


  1. They say that if you remember the sixties, you weren't there. But I was and I do! However, some incidences might better be un-remembered (perhaps I'll forget it all in my dotage, though it seems more likely I'll remember the sixties and forget six minutes ago).
    Perhaps in your case, where red wine is concerned "sufficient" is just a synonym for "stop me now before I grab the mic!"

  2. There are many I want to forget, which is why I will now remain mum. (And please don't bring up the words "Bloody Mary."

  3. Alexa ~ Moi? Oh, heh heh ... you mean the friend of mine to whom this may have happened. Yes, that's for sure!

    Margaret ~ I shall not bring up those words. And isn't it fortunate that bacon-flavoured vodka was a later invention.

  4. Petrea ~ Sunrise. {Ahh, your choice for the karoake machine! Nice.}

  5. Ahh is right! That went down smooth.

  6. Well it wasn't me but the wife of the Senate leader who went sprawling, face first, at the opening of some function or other. Trying to make a grand entrance, she tripped and her husband did not go to assist her.

    I remember my first snow ski-ing attempt. I went with my previous husband, his ex-wife and children. Trying to navigate the baby hill, I fell over. The person who ski-ed over and helped me, to my enormous embarrassment, was the ex-wife! Not exactly a party moment but embarrassing nonetheless. :)

  7. MmeBenaut ~ Ouch on all counts! I went snow ski-ing once but discovered that it would have been a lot more fun if my friends were first timers as well, instead of deserting me in favour of the Winter Olympics trial slopes!


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